Raye Lines Up Collaborations With The Chainsmokers And Little Mix

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for South London singer and songwriter Raye. Previously, she’s collaborated with producers such as Jonas Blue and Jax Jones; and co-written tracks for the likes of Charli XCX, Snakehips and Blonde.

Collaborative work will continue this year with a guest vocal on a new track by The Chainsmokers, plus a songwriting job for Little Mix. For now, Raye is enjoying the solo work, and has just released a new song called “The Line” – a song inspired by the unwanted interruptions of a night out on the club scene, particularly in London where time is often wasted waiting.

“London is renowned for the long queues,” Raye says. “You queue up for everything! You queue up for a bloody coffee in the morning!”

Mixed by legendary producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent (Madonna, Depeche Mode) “The Line” is also a vehicle for Raye to vent her dismay at men being treated differently when on a night out.

“I do think it’s really sad and backwards how, as a guy, you can walk straight into a club in your shirt and your trainers, and it’s fine! If you’re a girl – and you’re not a hot girl in heels – you have to look a certain way to fit to make the establishment look better. It’s so boring!”

“You Don’t Know Me”, Raye’s track with Jax Jones, reached No.3 in the UK charts.

“I love playing it live,” Raye says. “It goes off!”

“When Jax and I wrote the tune, I don’t think even we knew how big it would be. When you listen to a song so many times, you forget what you think about it. We went back to listen to it the next day and we thought it was the vibe! Then the label were keen to put it out.”

Raye is enjoying her solo work, but collaborative efforts are most definitely still on the cards.

“I love collaborations,” Raye says. “It’s one of my favourite things to do because it gets boring doing stuff on your own all the time. I also think it’s really healthy to work with different artists so that you learn things about yourself and the writing process. I think it ultimately makes you better.”

“I’m going to be doing some sessions with The Chainsmokers in LA, which is really exciting. They found my music on Soundcloud when I was sixteen, before I’d put out any of the big pop stuff. They were really keen to work with me, so we’ve kept communicating over the last few years, but we’re finally going to make it happen! I think they deserve everything they’re achieving, they’re so lovely.”

● Watch my interview with Raye below.


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