Salt Ashes: “I’d Love To Do A Collaboration With Giorgio Moroder”

Salt Ashes (aka Veiga Sanchez) released her self-titled debut album late last year. It’s been a long time coming. Sanchez signed to Radikal Records at the beginning of 2014, releasing critically acclaimed electronic pop gems such as ‘Somebody and ‘If You Let Me Go’.

Even without reading the countless comparisons to Kylie, Kate Bush and Goldfrapp, it’s not difficult to see where the inspiration comes from. Sure, there’s often a more soulful element to this Brighton-raised artist’s music, but the foundation comes from a desire to align with her electronic contemporaries.

“I am always open to collaborations. It’s such a great thing putting two or three creative minds together. I’d love to do something with Giorgio Moroder. He’s a big influence of mine.

Phil Marriott & Giorgio Moroder - London 2015
Phil Marriott & Giorgio Moroder – London 2015

Salt Ashes has worked hard to get where she is today. She first emerged back in 2011, and is well aware of the competition she faces from her female rivals.

“There’s always someone better than you out there and you need to work a hundred times harder to be able to be seen and heard.

“There’s a lot of pressure aesthetically for women to look good, be slim, and look good on social media. That doesn’t really interest me. Guys don’t have that much pressure. They can do whatever they want in a photo shoot and look not as cool or whatever.

“It’s a bold statement, but I’m about to start organising a month free of wearing make-up. I’m going to blog about it and see the reactions to it, and see how I feel as a woman going out, especially on a night out with no make-up on.

“It stresses me out, and it does anger me how we as women – and I speak for myself as well – feel like we have to wear make-up, and that is what makes us look pretty and beautiful. It’s rubbish!

“I see girls with no make-up on and I think they look so naturally beautiful, and I just think we should all be more comfortable in our own skin. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.”

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