About LDN Vegans

Hey you! We are Phil and Polly, aka LDN Vegans, and we produce regular content on this website and across our socials such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also produce regular vlogs on our YouTube channel.

Our aim is to help vegans – and those curious about the vegan lifestyle – to find plant-based food and drink in London, as well as ethical clothing stores and shops selling cruelty-free goods. 

We have both been vegetarian since our childhood, but in the last couple of years we both decided to go vegan, omitting anything animal-sourced from our diet. We also eliminate any products that are tested on animals, as well as opting for cruelty-free and environmentally friendly household goods. Neither of us wear fur, leather, wool or silk.

In the summer of 2016, we both produced content for Phil’s entertainment-based YouTube channel, usually in the form of movie and theatre reviews. In June 2017, we both decided to start our own YouTube channel, dedicated to the benefits of promoting our veganism lifestyle, and helping others appreciate the finer things about vegan life in the great city of London. We haven’t looked back.

Initially, we filmed a feature called That Vegan Challenge, which followed us into a part of London to discover how vegan-friendly – or not – it is. Over time, we’ve not only seen the vegan movement expand and thrive, but we’ve seen more businesses improving their menus to include plant-based options. This is brilliant, but it takes away the challenge.

Polly Phil Bored FunnyProducing content for our YouTube channel is great fun, and we’ve met some brilliant people along the way. The channel has evolved so we now not only go out searching for food, but we report on vegan festivals, comment on the latest news stories, do taste-tests, and review cruelty-free and ethical products.

We’d love it if you followed us on our journey! Let us know what you think. Get in touch, especially if you are visiting London on a trip away, or you’d like to suggest a vegan-friendly business that you think we should investigate! We will be adding more content to this page, including recipe ideas, events, blogs and reviews. Please get in touch and help us spread the word of veganism by liking and sharing our videos and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Thank you. Phil & Polly, LDN Vegans x

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