Hey you! We are Phil and Polly, aka LDN Vegans, and we produce a regular video blog on YouTube called That Vegan Challenge.

We met around twenty years ago when we both worked in the Surrey Quays shopping centre, SE London. Phil worked in the now-defunct music store Our Price, whilst Polly served film buffs in Playhouse directly opposite.

We are two animal-loving and nutrition-obsessed Londoners on a mission to find the best plant-based food and drink in this great city that we call home.

How hard can it be? We are determined to discover some hidden gems when it comes to quality cuisine and businesses that share our concern for animal welfare.

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LDN Vegans: Phil Marriott & Polly Harvey

As well as polishing off the best food (and we can’t deny we are always hungry), our aim is to provide you with some information on where to find the best places in London to enjoy vegan food. Sometimes, the least obvious places can be the most surprising or rewarding. We understand the difficulties we often face trying to find a decent cafe or restaurant that recognises and supports the vegan way of life, and our need for food that is ethically sourced and prepared.

Check out our introduction trailer below.

We know that realistically we won’t always be able to find a CookDaily, Mildred’s or Temple Of Seitan on every corner, but we are committed to helping you chow down in the knowledge that no flesh, fish, fowl or dairy has played a part in putting together the meal.

We’d love it if you followed us on our journey! Let us know what you think, and get in touch, especially if you are visiting London on a trip away, or you’d like to suggest a vegan-friendly business or eatery that you think we should investigate!

Over the coming months we will add more content to this page, including recipe ideas, events, blogs and reviews. In the meantime, we’ve got a couple of videos for you to watch.