LDN Vegans Try “chicken”, raw snacks and toffee vodka at Just V Show

Just V Show is a yearly summer celebration of vegetarian and vegan food, drink and lifestyle products.

We headed down to Olympia to check out some great food, make some essential purchases and meet some new friends.

As soon as we got to the venue, we met up with our new friends Ben aka Vegan Blogger 78 and his fiancé Helen, who introduced us to a couple of people who had stands at the festival. We were both feeling tired after a week of work, but our first stop gave us the lift we needed – tasting some toffee-flavoured vegan booze from Kin Vodka. Check out our video below where Chris gave us a taste of this energising distilled beverage!

Our next stop was to meet Fraser from Raw Gorilla.

Their story started in Fraser’s own kitchen in Stoke Newington, London in 2014. Being both crazy about breakfast and raw food in general, Fraser wanted to add a twist to regular sugary and wheaty cereals, such as Coco Pops and Rise Crispies, as well as other sugary snacks, and turn them into raw nutritional powerhouses.

As passionate vegans loving good food, it’s an embarrassment for us to admit that we’ve not been to the Temple Of Hackney since it opened in London to critical acclaim last year; so it was fantastic to meet the guys serving up delicious Peri-Peri “chicken” burgers. And yes, it was well worth the wait! Check out our video below:

Did you go to Just V Show this year? Have you tried out any of the products we sampled? Leave us a comment below.

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